We believe small things can make a big difference.

INCH x INCH is the creation of designers, Bob Ewing and Drew Hill. The lifelong friends share both a love for one-inch buttons, and a desire to share the opportunities they had growing up with a younger generation.

It starts with scribbles and sketches, with daydreams and fantasies. INCH x INCH aims to nurture and develop creative minds by supporting national and local youth art education programs.

INCH x INCH is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through collaborations with a variety of talented artists, we create one inch buttons and other gear, donating our proceeds to underprivileged and underserved communities.


Two guys and an idea.

“Hey, we should get together and work on something.”

That’s how it all began. Though INCH x INCH creators Bob Ewing and Drew Hill had worked side by side for years in an agency setting, they had never collaborated outside of the office.

Bob and Drew share many similarities and interests beyond a mutual fondness for buttons, from the same high school alma mater to their wedding anniversary. What you see today is a result of their like-mindedness – and their friendship.

By day, Bob is a designer and passionate letterer, Drew a creative director and general idea guy. By night, they are fathers, husbands, midnight oil burners, and now, running a nonprofit.